Friday, April 10, 2009

Tropical Back

My daughter took this wonderful study in black and white while we lived in Florida. Her best friend, Jenny, posed underneath our crepe myrtle tree. I asked permission to use the photo to do a painting in color in pastel and I was quite pleased with the result.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Montage Vista

I love painting at Laguna and Montage. The afternoon I did this was magical for me. I feel blessed to live where I have access to this kind of beauty.

Laguna Rocks

This one was done at Lyndelle Stonick's art class last year, at the Laguna Beach cliffs. I was totally happy with it, but Lyndelle kept saying, "lighten it up" so I did and NOW I'm very happy with it. She's a great teacher!

Morikami Park

Right before I left Florida, my aunt (who's a fantastic artist) and I went to Morikamo Park in Delray Beach to paint. It's a Japanese Garden and a peaceful place. They weren't too accommodating to us, but we didn't care. They let us in and we painted!

On the Hudson

12x8 - $150.00 +s&h

Last summer I did this in the Adirondack Park of New York. It's a beautiful wilderness and the Hudson River, that is so wide at the city, becomes a fast running narrow river in many places up-state.

Salt Creek at Low Tide

I think the name says it all. I love this beach!

Coconut Palm

This pastel painting was done a few years ago. I used to pass this palm everyday when I walked my dog in Florida. I finally took some pictures and got to work in my studio. This won a Holbein Award at the Alabama Pastel Society Exhibit a few of years ago and also was featured in "International Artists" magazine as pastelists of the world (or something like that) LOL

Doheny Marsh

Sitting at the beach and painting - I do this all the time. I guess I should use my easel, but sometimes a backpack and towel does it! Then I can lie in the sun for a bit after I paint! This one also sold - The marshy part of Doheny Beach.....

Afternoon Sail

I sit on the beach and paint a lot and this is one I did last summer. It was sold and I hope I caught the beauty of that Sunday at the beach.

Beached Sails

A Florida beach scene and now hanging in a friend's home. I really don't miss Florida at all, although pastels of tropical landscapes are incredibly vibrant.

Capistrano Pot

One day, a couple of years ago, I went to the Mission and found this pot and painted this small pastel. The pot broke - I've looked for it recently and can no longer find it. Glad I did this when I did.

Montage Rocks - 12x18 - sold

This painting won Honorable Mention at the United Society of Pastel Artists 3rd National Exhibit in Laguna Beach in November, 2008. It also took first prize at the San Clemente Art Association Winter Show, 2009.

Dana Point Harbor

One windy day, I sat at the park above Dana Point Harbor and painted this. I'm trying to get "looser" in my paintings and hope I achieved it with this painting. My daughter has it - she says it makes her miss Dana Point. She and her family live in Florida.