Friday, February 11, 2011

Wilderness Sunset

 9x12 - $95.00

We are all in awe of our sunsets in the Adirondacks.  A friend gave me some photos she took of sunsets recently and asked me to paint them.  How could anyone resist?

Love Along the Seine

11x14 - $150.00

For Valentine's Day, from a photo I took in Paris a few years ago. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lakeside Birches

 12x9 - Sold

This is a plein air pastel, done at The Hedges in Blue Mountain Lake.  It now hangs in a friend's home.  She spent many years working at the resort and I hope she's enjoying this painting.

Autumn Mountain


Painted from a photo I took when I went with my cousin and a friend to the mountains in Oak Glen, California.  It's apple country and so gorgeous in the fall.  What a nice day we had - I think we were there right before the place closed for the winter.  Bought some delicious apples and certainly would like to go back soon.  

Late Afternoon Snow

 11x14 - $150.00

Took my camera when we went cross country skiing.  We went late in the afternoon and the sun was low on the horizon, shining through the trees on the path.  Wonderful shadows, cold but silent and beautiful.  I might still be working on this one, but thought I'd share while in progress with it.  This on the Northville Placid trail near Durant Lake, Blue Mountain Lake NY.