Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sacandaga Falls

When my grandson was about ten, we hiked up to this waterfall.  Actually, there was a trail leading to three waterfalls, off the Sacandaga River, in the Adirondacks of New York.  The photos I took of that day are in my files for potential paintings.  I've used them many times, keying in on the banks along this river. I have one painting with my grandson swimming in the scene and another  painting I did of the rocks along this shore has won a few awards.  I keep coming back to the photos and this special spot for many paintings.  This time I came in close for a painting of the waterfalls themselves.  There's something about rocks, waterfalls, and the light that hits them under a canopy of trees that is so beautiful to me.
$8x10 $145.00

Lake Snow

Finally!  A week ago we had a nice, sunny day!!  My neighbor and I drove down to our Lake Snow and painted for about an hour and a half.  It was so quiet and peaceful, AND very little bugs.  Anyone who knows the Adirondacks, knows that this time of year the black flies can surround you and drive you nuts - also the deer flies.....but not that day.  It's always a good day when I get out to paint!
9x12   $125.00

Golden Afternoon

A couple of years ago, we were bored and decided to driving to Lake Placid, from Indian Lake.  If anyone knows the area, it's a good one and a half hour drive along lakes, wilderness, and small towns.  We drove past Tupper Lake and this scene.  How could I not take lots of photos, with the intention of painting it?  Well, two years later, and in anticipation of giving a pastel workshop next week, I finally took the time and effort to paint it.  I did a basic value study, laid in the color, did a mineral spirit wash, and then the final pastel details.  I intend to use this method next week in my demo for the workshop.  Hopefully, it'll be fun for the students to try this method. 

9x12 -  $175.00