Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nancy's Bouquet

 16x12 - $225.00

Today is a sad day, remembering 10 years friend called me this morning during the memorial services and we talked awhile about that day.  We were together, she was visiting me in California and we were enjoying some fun time in the sun - no worries, just laughs for a week.  That morning, her daughter woke us up and told us to turn on the tv - well, my daughter was living just 15 blocks from the World Trade Center and I guess I had a panic attack, right there in my living room.  Thank God Mary was there to calm me down and help me get through that day.  My daughter was fine, in most ways, but shocked and very traumatized by all she saw.  Anyway, today I wanted to paint something beautiful and natural and happy.  My neighbor, Nancy, grows the most amazing flowers around her house.  She gave me these two varieties of hydrangea and so I used pastel and painted this still life.  I never paint still life.....but it made me happy today.

Moose pictures

In our town of Indian Lake, we have a Moose festival every September.   People come up from all over New York for the festival and I've been asked to paint some pictures of moose to sell.  Last year people were complaining that there wasn't enough moose things to sell! This year, our club is selling gorgeous, homemade quilts and  I'm doing some moose paintings in oil and some in pastel.   All are small, 5x7, 6x9, 8x10.  I plan on having 10 available for sale - some of the proceeds go to the Volunteer Fire Department in town.

From the Green Bridge

Last weekend I painted at the Old Forge Paint Out for the arts center auction.  They've changed the name of the center to The View and it's such a beautiful, state of the art center that I'm always excited to be a part of this fund raising event.  This is one of the paintings I gave them for auction.  I painted this from the Green Bridge in Old Forge Sunday morning for the auction that night.  I also brought two other paintings for them to auction.  The three small paintings brought over $900 for the center!  Yeah!!