Friday, February 24, 2012

"Woodstock Rock"

 9x12  pastel

I'm staying at my daughter and son-in-law's home this week, as she's having a baby.  Exciting time for us as we wait patiently for little Stellan to decide to join the world.  I think today is the day!  Yesterday, as I was babysitting the dogs, cleaning and trying to help before she returns home with their son, I was able to do a small plein air painting for the first time in quite awhile.  It was 70 degrees and perfectly beautiful outside.  The sun was steady, spilling shadows on the rock, trees and ground in back of their house.  Well, over night it snowed and today the trees are laden with white and there must be three inches on the ground.  I actually might just try the same rock in the snow!

 Pastel - 18x12

My daughter found Chops about eight years ago, when he ran away from a pet shop where someone had just dropped him off.  Because she wanted a dog, she decided to adopt the little bugger - and he is a handful.   I hope I captured his huge ego, his "I'm in charge" attitude.    Many years ago I spent 10 days babysitting him and we became best of friends, which isn't easy for Chops.  As he's gotten older, he's become more accepting but for a little guy, he sure has a big bark!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Beaver Meadow Brook

This pastel was painted from a very exposed photo that I had taken sometime this past summer.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day when we hiked in to this spot and I loved how the sun highlighted the water, yet much of the area was in deep shade.

 9x12 - $95.00

 Feeling and seeing color everywhere lately, mainly because of all the ice and gloomy days we've had here lately.  I think I "exposed" the spot with lots of color - not that it wasn't already there!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Garden Jumble

14x11 on Richeson board - $145.00

I've had a bad cold for a week now and I've been home, trying to paint, taking it easy and hoping I'll feel better soon.  The weather hasn't cooperated at all.  It snows, then rains, then gets warm, the snow melts, the roads get icy and I don't want to move!  I went through my stash of photos and found some of the garden at my mom's complex in Mission Viejo, California.  Flowers......I haven't seen fresh flowers since the summer.  I painted this riot of flowers in the garden.  Made me feel good.  I'd love to find some flowers and paint fresh ones.  Wonder where I might get my hands on some?