Friday, January 27, 2012

River at Balsam Road

 12x15.5 - $125.00

A few weeks ago, Bill and I walked our dogs to this remote little spot not far from our house.  We don't have much snow this year - we seem to get it and then it rains and disappears.  The day we walked to this river, which wanders to our lake another mile away, the snow was a few inches thick.  Our dogs loved this spot as much as we did.  When taking pictures of the snow in the winter, most of the photos end up black and white.  Not this one, as the colors in the sky reflected beautifully in the water, and the scrub around the river was rust and light orange.  Absolutely wonderful!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Admiring Degas

 12x9   $95.00

During the Christmas season, Bill and I spent the day in New York City.  It turned out to be a rainy day, but we spent a good part of it at the Met, on the second floor, admiring all the impressionists.  The museum had almost three rooms of Degas, alone.  I happened into one room and saw these two talking between themselves, in front of two Degas paintings.  She just made me think of all the women in his paintings - long dresses and hair styled just right, holding a glove in one hand........

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Catch is In

 16x20 Pastel on Richeson board

Another view of the fishing boats, docked in the early evening, in Provincetown, MA.  I find it very difficult to paint all the lines that are an integral part of the boat, and try  to simplify whenever possible. I only painted three of the ten seagulls surrounding these boats - I think they hadn't been in dock very long, so the gulls were out in force.  I just wanted to give the viewer a "feel" of the gulls.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Sprint

 12x15 1/2 - $175.00

Last year, in February, the women from our quilting group spent a weekend at a resort.  They all quilted, but I just wanted to have an entire two days to paint.  I brought lots of my photos and was so happy to spend the entire weekend just painting - no cooking, cleaning, laundry - just pastels.  On Saturday evening, before it got dark, I took a walk by myself, and took lots more photos.  Came across about five deer all together, in the snow.  They saw me right away, but decided I wasn't a threat and so I was able to take a bunch of pictures.  Finally one sprinted away and I got a shot of it near a shed just running.  It made me smile to see how fast it was going.  Anyway, here's my version of it, in pastel.