Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tree Shadows

Shadows around this gorgeous tree in Rochester, New York caught my attention.  There was a peace to this tree, so sturdy, so much width to shelter people from the sun, a bit mystical in it's color.  I don't know what kind of tree this is, but still love the beauty in it. 

10x10 Canson Touch pastel paper mounted to board

The Marsh

We have so many marshes here in the north country of New York that on every hike I find another place to paint!  This pastel is of a march in Tupper Lake, on the way to Lake Placid.  Pastel on a 6x18 board gives this piece a long format in which to view the distant hills.  It seems a peaceful place.

6x18 pastel on pastelbord

Under brush

Fall's such a beautiful place in the Adirondacks and this fall we took lots of walks to our lake.  As the weather turned colder, the underbrush became filled with dead leaves and dried sticks.  They had a color all their own and I took lots of reference photos for a pastel painting. 

11x14 pastel on board