Monday, April 15, 2013

Two Falls/Yosemite

The second of my Yosemite series.  I remember standing in a meadow, a glorious meadow that I intend to paint later, and looking up at these two falls.  The eye takes in the sights, but it's impossible to gage the enormity of the scene.  The distances between mountains and meadows, the breadth and fierce energy of those's inspiring, to say the least!
18x12 - $475.00

River View/Yosemite

Since we've had one snow storm after another, I've decided to paint a series of Yosemite pastels.  I'm painting from photos I took a couple of years ago when we decided to take our grandson over a four day weekend.  We've traveled across this country and back many times, but the majesty of Yosemite National Park was beyond words.  This pastel was done on Mi-Tiente Touch paper and is 16x20.
16x20 - $475.00