Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yellow Harbor House

 11x14 - Pastel

I'm painting for the Old Forge Labor Day Paint Out.  I was invited to join the artists for a plein air event, but they also sell paintings and this is one I'm bringing for sale.  In Old Forge, it's a local treasure and sits across the lake from the downtown area, so it's very visible and loved by tourists and locals alike.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Loon at Blue Mountain Lake

 6x9 - Pastel

One of the most fascinating creatures in the Adirondacks - the loon.  The other morning, about 7 a.m., I took coffee out on the porch and listened to them calling on the lake.  This pastel was done from a photo I took in the kayak last summer.  I was glad I took this photo in high resolution because I wasn't actually close to this loon.  I was able to crop and paint a close up view.  They very rarely let you come that close.

The Adirondack Arts Center has this one for sale.

Rock Island Dusk

 8x10 - Pastel

Rock Island on Blue Mountain Lake is a wild and lovely little island in the middle of a large, deep, cold lake.  I've painted this island more times than I can count, but I still keep going back for photos and plein air.  This is from a photo I took a few years ago when we were canoeing the lake at dusk.  Thank goodness I had my camera with me at the time, otherwise I would have missed this gorgeous pink sunset on those thirty foot rocks.  I think I've mentioned that my grandson goaded me into jumping off that rock at one time and it was hair-raising!

This painting is going to the Adirondack Center for the Arts for sale.  They've asked me for a number of pastels to sell this summer and I'm happily obliging!  I'm thrilled that they're selling these small pastels.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Waterlilies on Racquette Lake

 8x10 - Pastel

I'm participating in the Old Forge Paint Out Labor Day weekend, which includes being able to bring and, hopefully, sell some work.  I decided to paint waterlilies for this gallery, along with a few scenes of Old Forge.  Haven't started them yet, but have finished these waterlilies.  They are beautiful this year.  I guess they're beautiful every year.  I can't wait to paddle among them next week!

Cabin on Blue

It's been awhile since I've been able to post any new work.  We've been traveling to New York and our cabin in the Adirondacks and I'm finally settled in and able to paint.

 9x12 - $85.00

This week I gave a beginner watercolor class at The Hedges, a resort on Blue Mountain Lake.  Usually I demo before we start painting and this was the view from Blue that I chose to paint.   Before the class was over, I decided to add my pastels to the watercolor painting I had started.  It was a lot of fun to hear the student's comments once the pastel was applied.  I decided to leave the mountain and some of the trees in watercolor alone.  I liked the effect.  I hope it spurs my students to try pastel over watercolor.