Monday, February 15, 2010

Road to Sedona

I have some wonderful photos of our trip across country, especially to Sedona. With the cold and snow outside, it's nice to "get away" to the west and paint Sedona. This is 12x18

Frozen River


Before I got sick, we went on a cross country day trip near Horseshoe Lake in Newcomb. It was a gorgeous day and we skied to this wonderful place, where the trees were encrusted in ice. I asked a fellow skier to take the picture for me, as I didn't have my camera. She was nice enough to email me the photo and I've done this pastel. It's 18x12

Night on the River

I've been sick with the flu and haven't been out in a couple of weeks now. I've decided to take some photos and play with them, changing sunlight to dusk and night scenes. Have to think about everything in the scene that must be changed with the light. This is one I've been playing with. This is 12x16.