Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ocean Path

9x12  Oil

One more of Dana Point and the beach path that I'm eager to walk again.  This is an oil, something I'm not doing much of lately.  I've been so obsessed with pastels for the last few years. 

Above the Ocean at Dana Point

 6x9 Watercolor

Well, we're leaving the Adirondacks today to visit our grand kids in Florida and then on to California for four months.  I've been thinking a lot about beautiful Dana Point and I'm now eager to return and paint.  This is a small watercolor, 6x9 of the cliff and houses above our beach. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chickadee Perched

 11x14 - $125.00

Here is the second Chickadee.  I used the same basic snow background, and sat that cute guy on a branch by the snow.  I think he looks quite regal. 

Lucy, the Artiste

 12x18 Pastel

My aunt sent me a photo of my cousin's daughter, Lucy, at her easel, engrossed in painting.  Lucy is such a smart, creative person, just like her parents.   Of course, my aunt did her rendition of the photo and I did mine - they are both very different.  I thought I'd share my vision of it with you. 

Chickadee Winter Song


It's almost the end of winter here in the Adirondacks and the chickadees are going crazy on our feeder.  They are the cutest, most vocal of birds - and they're not afraid of people.  My husband swears that, when a squirrel toppled the feeder over, and he couldn't find the knob that would hold the top in place, a chickadee "told" him where it was!  Actually, the chickadee was sitting on the flat hanger right next to the knob and kept cheeping, cheeping, at Bill, until Bill looked up and saw the knob.  That chickadee wanted to eat and needed that knob back on the feeder.......well, that's the story and we're sticking to it!

This is my third try at the chickadee.  I love the grosbeaks, too, but they just aren't as cute to me!