Monday, May 23, 2011

Water Falls

Last summer we had Ava with us for a month.  She was six at the time and we wanted to keep her excited about places and nature and so we took her to Pottersville, NY and the Natural Stone Caverns and Caves.  It's a truly remarkable place where the moving water has carved out caverns within the rocks.  They claim that it's the oldest natural rock formations in the Northeast (we've heard that before....), but it just might be!

 12x16 - $100.00

I took lots of pictures and started this pastel before I left New York.  This week I decided to rework it.  My picture was head on and just wasn't that interesting to me so I changed the composition and now am happy with the results.  Sometimes I have to put it away and come back to it to find out what's wrong or what's right.  By-the-way, you can take a look at this place on line.  They have cross-country in the winter and diving in the summer.  Quite a place!

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