Monday, January 5, 2015

Las Cruses Sunset

Last June, we stopped at a campsite in Las Cruses, New Mexico for a few nights.  To say it was hot is an exaggeration - it was EXTREMELY hot!  We were parked in a lovely spot, though, above the city and the mountains so that every night was a riot of color as the sun set.  I tried to capture on digital camera the beauty of those sunsets, but really, it's not possible.  I used one of the photos I did take and tried to remember all the color on the mountains and the city lights.  I also decided to use a Richeson board that I prepared with acrylic gesso, in order to have some texture to the painting.  I'm happy with the results - it represents a June night high above Las Cruses, NM.
11x14 pastel

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