Sunday, June 9, 2013

IAPS - Thursday - Sunday, a very Creative 5 days!

What a great five days I have just experienced!  The International Association of Pastel Societies held their convention in Albuquerque this  week and I have learned so much, been able to talk art with some of my favorite nationally known artists, and join artist friends who I haven't seen for awhile.  A great experience.  On Thursday I took a plein air floral workshop with Christine Debrosky.  I plan on posting my two paintings at a later date.  On Friday, Richard McKinley filled my head with new ideas and a very planned way to paint outdoors, also on Friday Christine Debrosky had a demo on painting the landscape.  I was surprised that she finished a very large 18x24 in three hours.  It was filled with light and incredibly vibrant.  Saturday I watched Lorenzo Chavez paint snow and streams in Colorado.  He's very personable and, since I live in an area where it snows A LOT, this was a must see for me.  I also sat through a demo Saturday afternoon with Liz Haywood Sullivan.  She uses alcohol to bring her underpainting to life.  She also painted big - an amazing cloud and sea pastel.  I will post some of these at another time.  Below is Frank Federico's demo.  He was so amazing, as he started the initial painting upside down!  He assures us that it will free us to paint a stronger painting, more creative.   He inspired me to try this method, and as soon as I hit my studio at home, I will try this method.  My head is filled with ideas and I have some wonderful photos to paint - now to get home and start!

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